Our vision

The current digital marketing landscape is getting more and more fragmented everyday with the rise of new publishers, devices and advertising technologies.

These game-changing trends complexify the management of digital campaigns with a growing number of tech implementations leading to higher costs & discrepancies. Additionally, the performance is still based on the last-click and measured in silo at campaign level. The numbers don't tally with the revenue reported by the finance department and the decision making process is flawed.

We believe that a holistic approach is the only solution for marketers to streamline their operations, collect good data to make the right decisions and ensure long-term success.

By leveraging a unified and agnostic advertising management system that can DISTRIBUTE ads accross any channel, STORE & PROTECT data then IDENTIFY new buying patterns and finally OPTIMIZE the mix based on the entire user journey in real-time, marketers are in a unique position to boost their digital marketing business.

Our business

Audiencevalue is in the software business. We are NOT in the media buying business.

We focus on real-time media intelligence and build tools to help marketers to increase their ROI, learn about their audience and make smarter decisions.

By following such approach, we remain fully transparent and agnostic on the media buying side while giving our clients full control on budget allocation and data.

Each customer cherry-picks various modules ranging from Email marketing, Affiliate marketing, Ad serving and Display bidders, Tag management, Data Management and Marketing Attribution to build its perfect marketing stack and decide between a self-service or full-service model depending on their internal ressources.

Being an adtech provider, we strongly believe in flexibility. Therefore, our engineering team develops custom solutions to match all our clients needs and automate specific processes.

Our background

AUDIENCEVALUE founders master search & affiliate marketing, online ad serving, media buying technologies & big data management.

The tech team has already built a successful Affiliate marketing network in the past (acquired by Zanox in 2005) which was able to track billions of events & transactions.

With such track record, we have a clear understanding of the challenges that a tech solutions provider faces when it comes to scalability, data management and ubiquity.


Meet our team of media buying experts and coders.

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